Questions and answers

What must I take with me in addition to my normal luggage?
Sleeping bag, maybe a pillow, torch, surf shoes, hand towels, beach towels, slippers, hat/sun visor, sun cream, sunglasses, insect repellent, summer clothes, sweater, toilet articles, first-aid kit.
I can sail, can I take a boat out ?
If your instructor thinks that you are capable of sailing alone then, with the agreement of your instructor, you can rent a boat.
Where can I rent a car - scooter - bicycle ?
You can rent cars and bicycles at the campsite, please ask at the reception. You can rent cars, scooters and bicycles in La Caletta, 5 km from the campsite.
Can I come on my own to Amfibie Treks?
Yes, the holiday is so organised that it is very suitable for young and old, singles, families and groups. Through the activities and the meals taken together it is easy to make contact with other people. The daily happy hour is also a good moment to meet new friends.
Is there electricity in the tent ?
There is no electricity in the standard and igloo tents. There are sockets on the campsite where mobile phones and other electrical apparatus can be recharged. The comfort tents, the comfort plus tents and the deluxe tents do have electricity.
Where is the nearest cash dispenser ?
The nearest cash dispenser is in La Caletta (5 km from Santa Lucia and 7km from Mandras). Please take into account that the cash dispenser is often empty during the high season. If you intend to arrive in the high season bring sufficient cash with you.
What does the Club Card include ?
The Club Card gives you free entrance to the campsite, disco, and participation in the other activities. In addition you receive free assistance, if necessary, with doctors, dentists, hospitals and first aid.
Can Amfibie Treks help me with a special diet ?
You can ask for a special diet when you book. The cost for a special diet is € 7,50/day extra.
Can I store valuables with you ?
Yes, you can give your valuables, such as documents, to us for safe keeping. AmfibieTreks is not responsible for any loss.
Can I bring small children to Amfibie Treks ?
Of course you may. Babies up to 3 years are welcome free of charge. You can use our kitchen for the preparation of baby food using food you have brought with you or bought in Sardinia. The beach at Santa Lucia shelves gently into the sea and the water is a pleasant temperature. Children of all ages can play happily here.
Are there special prices for groups and school classes ?
Groups of 12 persons or more can ask for a group discount. For school children we offer a special activity programme in the spring and autumn. We can also make special programmes for other groups. Please contact AmfibieTreks by phone or email for further information.