Walking holidays

This part of Sardinia, the Baronia, is at its most beautiful in the springtime. The beautiful fields and valleys are in bloom and form a sharp contrast to the clear blue sky. There are several routes of varying length and difficulty: along the coast, through the mountains and through the hinterland.
In the summer, when temperatures are high, we set off early so that you have the afternoon to relax, sunbathe, swim, snorkel or read a book in a hammock or on the beach. Good walking shoes are required.



The beautiful island of Sardinia offers a wonderful location for walking holidays.

The walks are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you can choose to sign in for 1 or more walks.

Period: all season
Age: from 12 years
Prices: € 55.00 for 3 walks (to book in advance)
                € 20.00 per guided walk (to be booked at the campsite)


Group holidays for singles

In the spring and in the autumn Amfibie Treks offers complete walking-beach-relax holidays for singles. During these singles holidays we offer three different walks and a inland tour. Enjoy the beautiful countryside, smell the scent of the herbs and the pine trees during the walks in the spring and the autumn. To completely relax your body you receive 2 massages in a specially equipped massage hut.

Arrival dates: April 22, May 20, June 10, August 26, September 2 and September 9. If you would like to stay longer then you can, of course, book extra days. If you need help with finding and booking a good flight please contact us.

Ages: from around 23 to 59 years of age.

Price: from € 488.00 per person

Includes: single use of a spacious bungalow tent on camping Amfibie Treks with bed, mattress, mattress cover, lighting, a chair, full board, 3 guided walks, inland tour, 2 massages, use of canoes, bodyboards and snorkeling equipment, clubcard. Free participation in the yoga sessions that will be given in the morning at 7:00 am and the afternoon at 17:30.

Examples of walks

1) Fruit Route (Mont Albo – Siniscola) Duration: about 3.5 – 4 hours
The walk starts at the north side of Mont Albo. We walk down towards Siniscola. The first part is a rugged landscape where in the springtime we see lavender and rosemary in bloom. We can see Siniscola in the distance. We follow a path through a wood and walk down past an old lime kiln. Finally we walk at the foot of Mont Albo, through a famer’s field where different fruit and nut trees grow, to Siniscola. Before our transport arrives to take us back to the campsite we have time to enjoy a cup of real Italian cappuccino at a café.

2) Biderosa – Berchida Duration: around 3.5 hours
South of Capo Comino lies the nature reserve Biderosa. The walk north to Berchida begins here. The first part of the walk goes through a wooded area by a lake towards an observation point. From here you have a wonderful view over the sea and the area of Biderosa and Birchida. We then walk along the coast over the beach to Berchida where our driver picks us up.

3) Monte Senes Duration: aroud 3.5 hours
A walk along the peaks of the Monte Senes near Irgoli. We run at an altitude of 850 meters with  stunning views of the Golfo di Orosei and the Monte Albo. The wide gravelpad turns into narrower goat paths and finally we arrive at the Pirastru Tortu, the Sardinian pear tree, where we keep a longer stop and enjoy the sounds of nature. For this hike is a reasonable physical condition required. The last part of the walk is about a wider path, downhill to the point where we started. During this walking tour we have the opportunity to goats, cows and wild horses.

The above tours are a few of the many trails offered by Amfibie Treks. Good walking boots/shoes and a reasonable fitness level are recommended for all the walks. For some walks, such a the walk over Mont Albo, you should have good physical fitness.Amfibie Treks Outdoor