Inland excursion

binnenlandexcursie-amfibie-treks-vancanze-sardinieThis very popular excursion is a combination of touring through the province of Nuoro and various short walks to famous sights. We will visit the typical Sardinian village of Irgoli, with its numerous walls painted by artists. We will see traces of the Spanish occupation of the island, such as the Nuraghe burial vaults and the old houses of the Sardinian people of that time.

We walk through oak woods, fields with sheep, goats, cows and horses while enjoying being in this beautiful natural area with magnificent views. We will have our lunch in a special place in a virgin forest. One of the last stops is the picturesque village of Orosei which boasts that it makes the best ice cream in Italy.

Details Inland Excursion

Start from campsite at app. 09.00 and return at campsite at app. 17.30
Route: Mandras – Irgoli – Tomba dei Giganti – Sa Ena e Tomes – Nuraghe di Ola – Domus de Jana Sas Concas – Kerk op de Monte Gonare – Orosei – back to the campsite
Price: € 40.00 p.p.