Sea kayaking – Cala Gonone

You spend the entire day outdoors and take along a lunch. The bus can hold a maximum 14 people, with the sea kayaks, life jackets, paddles and waterproof containers in a trailer, and heads off in the direction of Cala Ganone for the picturesque coast of Orosei.


We find a quiet spot, put on our gear and carefully lower the kayaks into the water. We can now begin our kayaking adventure. With a maximum of 3 people (2 adults + 1 child) per kayak we paddle around the stunning cliff-lined bay of Cala Luna, which is only accessible by kayak or boat. We paddle past deserted beaches where we can go ashore to enjoy our lunch, swim and rest. We also come across tall rocks that provide an opportunity for making a daring dive and land in the azure depths with a splash! You almost always see cormorants diving for fish in the clear waters and, with luck, octopus, seals and dolphins.

We then paddle through a labyrinth of cliffs and caves. In one of these caves we can moor and have a guide show us around. This coastline has an elaborate string of caves and inter-connecting underground passages, most of which run under sea level. At the end of the day, we return to the camp, just in time to join the happy hour at the bar.
This is an ideal excursion for both young and old and gives you an opportunity to take the most stunning photographs while enjoying an exciting adventure!

Period : mid June – mid September
Price: € 59.00 p.p. including transport, the use of the kayaks, life jackets.