There is nearly always a breeze and the deep blue sea, the big sandy beaches and the hilly landscape challenge you to have a go! Don’t miss out, learn to windsurf and experience an unforgettable sporty holiday in the sun in holiday island Sardinia’s most beautiful bay; Santa Lucia! Thanks to good instruction you’ll learn fast.

Windsurfing has been for many years a favourite watersport and holiday activity for many people. Amfibie Treks offers windsurfing courses in the bay of Santa Lucia, a perfect place to windsurf, whereas the conditions in the summer are optimal. The “Scirocco” wind blows most days in the bay of St. Lucia, in the mornings 2-3 Beaufort and in the afternoons 4-5 Beaufort. The surface of the water is usually beautifully calm in the summer months, ideal for windsurfing. A thermic wind usually comes op around lunchtime, which makes sure that also advanced windsurfers can eat their heart out! The water temperature is in the summer usually warm enough to windsurf without a wetsuit.

Both beginners and advanced windsurfers are welcome at Amfibie Treks. We work together with a professional sailing and windsurfing school where you can have windsurfing lessons or rent windsurfing equipment. You receive windsurfing lessons in small groups so that you soon learn the technique. Advanced windsurfers can go their own way. Our windsurfing school offers you the best material so with a good wind you can really fly!


Windsurfing course for children under 12 years

The children are given for 3 days 2 hours surfing lessons from certified instructors.

Suitable for children under 12 yrs
Participation: minimum weight 35 kg
Course duration: 3 days 2 hours
Mornings between 10.00 – 12.00 or afternoons between 14.30 – 16.30
Price: € 115.00 p.p.

Windsurfing course for above 12 years

During 3 days you will get intensive lessons, either 3 hours in the mornings or 3 hours in the afternoons.

Suitable for beginners and advanced windsurfers.
Participation: minimum weight of 35 kilos.
Length of course: 3 days of 3 hours.
Mornings from 10.00 hours – 13.00 hours or afternoons from 14.30 hours to 17.30 hours.
Price: € 130.00 per person.


Free windsurfing

The windsurf school has an extensive range of beginners and advanced surf boards and sails. Would you, in addition to the course, practice yourself? Go ahead!
Rent windsurf equipment (for beginners and advanced windsurfers)
At the Amfibie Treks watersportscenter you can rent windsurf equipment:

• 1 hour for € 20.00 per person
• 5 hours for € 80.00 per person
• 10 hours for € 160.00 per person.